A Little Bit About Your Future Home.

The house at 3006 Antonio Street has been a home to four generations during the 45+ years it has been in our family. As with many families over the past year, the economy has affected our family as well. Although passionate about her job, my mother was barely able to make ends meet working as a caregiver for the elderly making barely over minimum wage. It was clear as time moved on she would never have savings - never be able to retire. I couldn't let that happen. Unfortunately the only asset of value she owned was her home and that's when I had an idea.

Rent out the house.

It was the only way my mother would ever be able to retire without losing the home she grew up in. So I took out a loan on the house, renovated it, and now it is what you see today - a beautiful, welcoming space longing for someone to call it home.

With the rental income from the house we hope to pay off the renovation, and then be able to give my mother the nest egg that she so badly needs. That way, if and when she finally decides she would like to retire she will be able to do so. As this is a family home you that one day when my mom is old and grey will return to, you can be assured you are not just another renter to us. We promise to keep you, and your home, well taken care of for many years to come.

We would be so happy if our house could become your new home.

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